Academic Teaching

2017 – 2019 Visiting Professor on the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (department: contextual paintingand queer arts). Teaching in: Artistic competences, art practices, Individual coaching and supervision.,excursions, supervision of Diploma Work and part of Diploma and MA commissions. Class topic; artistic research on “Compost and Cyborgs”, teaching on topics Identity politics and queer theory.

2015 – 2017 Teaching, seminar on “Aesthetics and Art Practices” in the Institute for cultural Management, University of Music and performing Arts (University for Music and performing Arts, mdw Vienna)

2008 – 2017 Academic Teaching as an external Lecturer on Institute for Theatre, Film, Media StudiesVienna:

Summer semester 2017: „Who is talking? Forms of representations and staging in socalled “refugee crisis” / Wer spricht? Zu Inszenierungsformen der sogenannten „Flüchtlingsthematik“ in Theater, Film und Medien.“

Winter semester 2015/16: Performativity and Agency – Acting and Staging in conflictive public spaces“ body practices and performing Gender / Körperpraktiken und Geschlechter-inszenierungen „Performativität und Handlungsmacht – Schau-Spielen in öffentlichen Konflikträumen“

Summer semester 2015: Performativity of borders / Der Pass ist der edelste Teil von einem Menschen, Zu Performativität von Grenzen“

Summer semester 2015: Queering Performance and Politics: Gendersubversion withHumor

Summer semester 2014: Trans Gender Moves – dramaturgies of „Queer Politics,Dramaturgien von „Queer Politics“ in Performance, Musik-,Theater und Film

Winter semester 2013/14: Democracy now – political staging und performances in public space, politische Inszenierungen und Performances im öffentlichen Raum

Summer semester 2012: Melodrom: Melodrama, Telenovela, Rebellion

Summer semester 2011: Transgender dicourses, body practices and gender performances

Winter semester 2011/12: Performative lines of flight / performative Fluchtlinien: Butler, Deleuze and Theatre

Winter semester 2010/11: Transgender discourses in Theater, literature and film“(department for geman philology)

Winter semester 2010/11: Queer Theatre Theory

Summer semester 2010: Queer Theatre Reading

Winter semester 2008/9: PS Acting in conflictive spaces /Schau-Spielen in öffentlichen Konflikträumen

2003/04/ 06/07 External lectures on Academy of Fine arts, department for Fine Arts: „Performative Praktiken“ (2003/4) und „Boys don´t cry“ (2006/07), Transgender im Kampf um eigene Geschlechtlichkeit.