Gin Mueller (Dr.phil.) lives in Vienna. Works as a Dramaturg, Performer, Artistic Researcher, Lecturer on University of Vienna in the fields of Queer Studies, Theatre/Performance/Ar/ctivism and Politics.

From 2017 – 2019 Prof. on the Academy of fine arts, Vienna,(department: contextual painting and queer arts) Since 2004 Gin Mueller teaches on the University of Vienna (department of theatre/film/media- studies).

In April 2008 the book was published: „Possen des Performativen, Theater, Aktivismus und queere Politiken“, republicart 7, Wien: Turia + Kant, 2008. (2. Ed. 2015)

In 2008/09 Gin Mueller was part of the Research Team and universitarian project: „Sparkling Science“-Projekt: „(Un)doing Gender: Sprache, Performanz und Politik“,

Gin Müller was also part of the activist Collective “PublixTheatreCaravan (2001-05), and the queer Performance Band SV Damenkraft (2003 – 2008, together with Katrina Daschner, Sabine Marte, Christina Nemec).  Since 2011 he also works for Transgender/Queer Counseling in Rosa Lila Villa and since 2015 for Queer Base (Welcome and Support for LBTIQ Refugees).

Recent Theatre/Performance/-Productions ( with Verein zur Förderung der Bewegungsfreiheit/Association for freedom of movement):  Que_ring Drama Project (Vol1: Ghost Times, Vol2.Dark Revolutions 2018/19 ), FANTOMAS MONSTER 1+2 (2016/17 brut_Vienna, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City), “Trans Gender Moves” (Vienna, Salzburg 2014/15) , „Melodrom – The Making of a rebellious Telenovela“ (Mexico City, brut_Wien, 5.10.2012/13), „Who shot the Princess?, Boxstop Telenovelas“, (Mexico City, 2011), „Orlanding the dominant, a queer Burlesque“ (2008), „Transkatholische Vögel /Transcatholic Birds“ (2009), brut_Koproduktionshaus Vienna.

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