2013 Rebelodrom

Rebelodrom – Love Attacks on Austria!

Aktionslabor für politische Interventionen – Performance / Installation / Aktivismus / Filmprogramm / Party

Rebelodrom was initiated by Gin Müller and the Verein zur Förderung der Bewegungsfreiheit (association to promote freedom of movement). The project is a platform for various activist projects and a discussion forum for political action strategies. Part of the WIENWOCHE – it’s 2013 motto demokrazija-ja-ja dedicated to the principles of democracy – for ten days the plaza in front of brut will be transformed into a multimedia installation and stage. Along with the election headquarters and Action Lab, it is also the starting point for specific interventions in public space being carried out by various rebel groups. ‘Perverse’ party wings will be formed, ministries founded and organised rapper gangs will play Robin Hood. Participants include the groups Romano Svato, MAIZ, traschq (trans/gay/lesbian/queer advisory service of the Rosa Lila Villa) and Marea Alta. There will additionally be networking to projects from WIENWOCHE and to Refugee Protest Vienna. In early September the individual groups will be presenting their political back-stories and demands in the form of video clips at


Perverse Partei Österreichs (PPÖ)

Antropophacic Society: EATING EUROPE!- Aufruf zur Prozession 

Mindj Panther – Romas Armee Fraktion