2016 Fantomas Monster – Iran

Fantomas against the Power of Extinction / Fantomas gegen die Macht der Auslöschung

Fantomas Monster is a series addressing the experiences of artists and activists facing real-life state terrorism, resistance and escape while at the same time humorously relating tales of courageous rebellion, sparks of hope and the necessity of human superheroes and -heroines.

The famous fictional character of Fantomas is at the centre of this multimedia project, representing a rebellious spirit travelling back and forth between Iran, Mexico and Europe while becoming involved in historical, political and fantastic events. The first part of the political thriller series, entitled Fantomas against the Power of Extinction, is based on archive material and narratives by activist, artist and writer Parastou Forouhar. Forouhar repeatedly travels from Europe to Iran, the country whose regime killed her parents in 1998. As human superhero(in)es, she and Fantomas fight against the lethal strategies of extinction, the disappearance of people and memories in the Iranian theocracy while being entangled deeper and deeper in the turmoils of political reality, corruption, projection and fiction.

Fantomas gegen die Angst und das Vergessen, brut, Wien 2016

Direction Gin Müller Set design Jan Machacek Dramaturg Gorji Marzban, Haiko Pfost, Katalin Erdödi Texts, consultation Parastou Forouhar, Performance Edwarda Gurrola, Kaveh Parmas, Stefanie Sourial Assistance Natalie Assmann

A co-production by Gin Müller, Gorji Marzban, Jan Machacek and brut Wien. With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs.




Exhibition in Frankfurt am Main 2017: https://www.bs-anne-frank.de/forouhar_erinnerungen/