2015 – 2010 Songs for Theatre/ Performance


2010/11 Who shot the Princess? – Boxstop-Telenovelas (together with Sabine Marte)

Song: Quien mata la Princessa:

Song: My love is endless in madness:

Song: Carlotta, Widow of hearts:

Videoclip Final: http://ginmueller.klingt.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Who-shot-the-princess_endeclip.mp4

2012/14 Melodrom (together with Sabine Marte, Oliver Stotz)

Song: Comandante She Guevara, Motiv:


Song: Comandante She Guevara, first version:

Song: Comandante She Guevara, second version:

2013 Rebelodrom (together Activists from Refugee Protest)

2015 Dr Kawi – Bandproject/Musical (together with Tamara Wilhelm, Barbara Kaiser)

Song: Labour of love

Video-Vollversion: https://vimeo.com/163536309, Pw: gm_drkawi